The Magic of Christmas

image1210Are You On Santa’s List? No, we’re not talking about Santa’s Gift List We’re talking about his public appearance list as the Jolly Old Elf prepares his national tour with this incredible show. There is nothing quite like Christmas to make even the crabbiest Scrooge believe in magic. And it is going to be magic that brings Santa Clause to a number of theatres and stages again this year. Children, along with their parents and grandparents will gather by the hundreds to get their tickets to see this season’s finest appearance of that magical old elf.
Helping Santa make his appearance is magician Dal Sanders, who with his talented cast will produce tiny Christmas trees and decorations out of thin air to thrill his audience. They will laugh and cheer as they think they have “figured out how two of Santa’s helpers are changing places. A somewhat out of season bunny will even join in the fun. Finally, Sanders will say the magic words, with the help of his audience of anxious children, and Santa himself will materialize from a tiny sleigh.

The Magic of Christmas is another classic in the works of award-winning magician Dal Sanders. This show is going on it’s twentieth season of entertaining people, both young and old. All of the magic in the show is based on the holiday season and involves music, audience participation and fun. The success and acceptance of this show can not even be put into words as countless people nationwide have been delighted with the excitement and holiday spirit this show creates.