The Pure Magic of Dal Sanders

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Dal leaves the stage and visibly the level of adrenaline is still high.


The people backstage understand. After all, he’s just cut one of his “lovely assistants” in half, made people appear and disappear at will, defied the Law of Gravity as well as many other laws of nature, and enjoyed the most important emotion: the feeling of having connected with his audience.

He has exchanged something with them that goes far beyond a spectacular illusion. He has given them a sense of wonder that will remain in their minds for many, many years to come.

Expect rave reviews wherever The Pure Magic of Dal Sanders stages its powerful brand of mystery, comedy and illusion. From the grandeur of the country’s finest theatres to the largest outdoor venues imaginable, Dal Sanders has dazzled audiences with his electric and engaging performance of some of the most striking illusions in magic.
It seems almost Impossible, but Dal Sanders has been entertaining American audiences for more than thirty years.

The energy in the room is amazing as the audience participates and becomes part of the show. Dal Sanders has perfected his ability to please the audience with incredible magic, laughter and fun.

Dal’s riveting stage presence, combined with his timely humor and incredible talent has won him plaudits everywhere he has performed. From college stages to nightclubs, from amusement parks to corporate events, from sea to shining sea in beautiful theatres, Dal Sanders has treated audiences of all ages to imaginative and entertaining shows that have resulted in his tremendous success.
Not content to merely mystify his audiences, Dal Sanders is an entertainer who combines comedy, audience participation music live animals, juggling and elements of clowning, as well as magic throughout his shows. He firmly believes that the audience of today are not content to simply be amazed also want to laugh.
Family friendly comedy, bold choreography, captivating music, and Dal’s extraordinary talent ignite each show with energy and excitement.

A rare mix of polish and down-to-earth appeal, Dal captures the imagination of children and adults alike.

His fresh approach and unique style is in demand at venues as diverse as casinos, colleges and conventions, Dal is garnering acclaim in entertainment circles as the Finest Family Entertainer in America.



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