Close Up/Walk-Around Magic

It’s magic that is performed so close you can actually touch it. This kind of performance is great for conventions and trade shows to attract attention. It is perfect for cocktail parties, restaurants, nightclubs and festival entertainment.

Dal began his career over thirty years ago, performing magic close up using cards, coins and everyday objects that he could carry in his pockets, or borrow from a spectator. Being well versed in the art of sleight of hand has placed him in almost every performing situation imaginable. He is able to entertain while strolling through crowds at parties. He will make people laugh and say wow as he moves from table to table at a dinner function. He can attract crowds to a convention booth or your place of business with his skill. He is so comfortable in front of these groups that audiences cant stop talking about his engaging personality and ability to entertain.


Watch while attendees of your function gasp in amazement as playing cards change and coins vanish before their very eyes. Laugh as an ordinary cocktail napkin disappears, transforms or even restores itself after being destroyed. In what can sometimes be perceived as an informal atmosphere, Dal’s Close Up Magic will work as a built-in conversation piece that will leave people talking!