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Close-Up/Walk Around Magic

It’s magic that is performed so close you can actually touch it. This kind of performance is great for conventions and trade shows to attract attention. It is perfect for cocktail parties, restaurants, nightclubs and festival entertainment.

Dal began his career over thirty years ago, performing magic close up using cards, coins and everyday objects that he could carry in his pockets, or borrow from a spectator. Being well versed in the art of sleight of hand has placed him in almost every performing situation imaginable. He is able to entertain while strolling through crowds at parties. He will make people laugh and say wow as he moves from table to table at a dinner function. He can attract crowds to a convention booth or your place of business with his skill. He is so comfortable in front of these groups that audiences cant stop talking about his engaging personality and ability to entertain.

Watch while attendees of your function gasp in amazement as playing cards change and coins vanish before their very eyes. Laugh as an ordinary cocktail napkin disappears, transforms or wen restores itself after being destroyed. In what can sometimes be perceived as an informal atmosphere, Dal’s Close Up Magic will work as a built-in conversation piece that will leave people talking!

Comedy/Stand-up Magic

image10471This is a 45-60 minute stand up show that can include audience participation, magic, comedy and loads of laughs. This show was designed for comedy clubs and company events. In fact, Dal’s comedy act has taken him across the country to some of thefinest comedy clubs in America including The Improv and The Funny Bone. Unfortunately he has also played some comedy clubs with an undesirable reputation along the way but Dal doesn’t work for that agent anymore.

This one man comedy act has given Dal Sanders the chance to share the stage with Bill Cosby, The Beach Boys, Toto, Styx, Huey Lewis and the News, The Dixie Chicks, Asleep At The ‘Wheel, Trace Adkins, Gary Lewis and The Playboys, Spyro Gyra, The Grassroots, Foghat, Gabe Kaplan, Kenny Rogers, Gladys Knight and many more nationally known ads.

Dal Sanders’ Magical World

Do You Believe In Magic? You are certain to become a believer while watching Dal Sanders perform. Not content to merely mystify the audience, this is an entertainer who combines escape, comedy, audience participation, music, magic and most of all FUN. The energy in the room is amazing as the audience becomes part of the show. Dal Sanders has been performing for over THIRTY years and has perfected his ability to please the audience with incredible magic, laughter and fun. For excellence in entertainment, you want Dal Sanders.

image777In the past few years, Sanders has had his own children and, if at all possible, has realized wen more the importance of magical entertainment for our future generation. He has developed many educational magic shows with messages from Safety to “Just Say No” to drugs; from the importance of Reading to studying Science; and from Ecology to Self-esteem. Not only has Sanders written and produced these shows, he has taken each of them on the road to test and retest their effectiveness. These educational subjects are accepted by school age children because they are presented in a fun atmosphere by someone who acts as their peer, not their master. Each year hundreds of letters from children, teachers, principals, parents, superintendents have proved the success of these programs.

As you know, there are many ways to entertain young people. Dal Sanders has always believed that it is a crime to bore a child. Over the years you have seen a great many family magicians who in fact, just do tricks. Dal’s shows include audience participation which helps to provide a hands on approach to the magic he performs. His shows also help empower your students with a can-do attitude and use laughter and comedy as a key element in entertainment.

The Pure Magic of Dal Sanders

Dal leaves the stage and visibly the level of adrenaline is still high. The people backstage understand, after all he’s just cut one of his “lovely assistants” in half, made people appear and disappear at will, defied the Law of Gravity and many other laws of nature and enjoyed the most important emotion, the feeling of having connected with his audience. He has exchanged something with them that goes far beyond a spectacular illusion. He has given them a sense of wonder that will remain in their minds for many, many years to come.image370

Expect rave reviews wherever The Pure Magic of Dal Sanders stages its powerful brand of mystery, comedy and illusion. From the grandeur of the country’s finest theatres to the largest outdoor venues imaginable, Dal Sanders has dazzled audiences with his electric and engaging performance of some of the most striking illusions in magic. It seems almost Impossible, but Dal Sanders has been entertaining American audiencesfor more than thirty years.

The energy in the room is amazing as the audience participates and becomes part of the show. Dal Sanders has perfected his ability to please the audience with incredible magic, laughter and fun. Dal’s riveting stage presence, combined with his timely humor and incredible talent has won him plaudits everywhere he has performed. From college stages to nightclubs, from amusement parks to corporate events, from sea to shining sea in beautiful theatres, Dal Sanders has treated audiences of all ages to imaginative and entertaining shows that have resulted in his tremendous success.

Not content to merely mystify his audiences, Dal Sanders is an entertainer who combines comedy, audience participation music live animals, juggling and elements of clowning, as well as magic throughout his shows. He firmly believes that the audience of today are not content to simply be amazed also want to laugh.

Family friendly comedy, bold choreography, captivating music, and Dal’s extraordinary talent ignite each show with energy and excitement. A rare mix of polish and down-to-earth appeal, Dal captures the imagination of children and aduks alike. His fresh approach and unique style is in demand at venues as diverse as casinos, colleges and conventions, Dal is garnering acclaim in entertainment circles as the Finest Family Entertainer in America.

Feel the Magic

image534Want to feel the magic for your next product launch, award banquet, or other corporate event? We take the mystery, comedy, and illusion of The Pure Magic of Dal Sanders and customize it, tailoring it to your company identity, designing a show that’s tied to your marketing, promotion, or human resource goals. From corporate-friendly comedy, bold choreography, enchanting music, and the captivating charm of Dal’s talent make each show a unique experience. A rare mix of polish and down-to-earth appeal, Dal will capture the imagination of of your employees. His fresh approach and unique style is in demand at companies, corporations, and businesses from coast to coast!

Dal Sanders & American Variety

There are things that start fresh every spring. Baseball starts a new season. Farmers plant new crops. The circus begins a new tour with all new acts. Kids start planning their summer vacations and Dal Sanders puts together a fresh edition of his touring stage show American Variety (formerly The American All Star Magical Variety Show).

With the technology revolution in full swing, many wonderful ads find themselves competing with computer games and television. Forthe past thirteen years various variety entertainers including mimes, jugglers, clowns, magicians, musicians and even ventriloquists have joined forces to give family audiences something that is becoming all too rare. These entertainers, under the direction of magician/illusionist Dal Sanders, are one of the last hopesforfamilies to enjoy a live, interactive, variety performance.image834

Dal Sanders and American Variety is an original, self-contained, theatrical show that offers solid family entertainment. Its basic structure is perfect as a touring show, a fundraiser or as specially entertainment for a convention or company event. Akhough it was originally conceived to be performed in theaters, the troupe has even been hired to entertain outdoors at fairs, festivals and even shopping centers. Generally the shows are 90 minutes, but they can be adjusted to fit your schedule.

The star of the show is Dal Sanders, a full-time professional magician who yearly entertains thousands of people on television, film and in hundreds of live shows. Other acts include jugglers, fire eaters, mimes, musicians. Dancers, ventriloquists, and clowns. In addition to the regular cast members, the show will often include cameo performances by local variety artists doing their best routine. This provides an audience the opportunity to see one of their own performing with a working troupe of professional entertainers.

Since 1983, Sanders has taken his troupe of variety artists to theaters, fairs and every other type of venue imaginable. Even though the acts change from season to season, the excitement about this type of show is always tremendous. “The reason I decided to take ‘American Variety on the road,” says Sanders, “was the overwhelming response from children and family groups. We have received hundreds of letters from these people encouraging us to continue this magnificent show.”

The combination of this tremendous amount of talent and excitement will certainly prove to be an incredible event that you will not want to miss. American Variety is always a wonder to behold.

The Magic of Christmas

Are You On Santa’s List? No, we’re not talking about Santa’s Gift List We’re talking about his public appearance list as the Jolly Old Elf prepares his national tour with this incredible show. There is nothing quite like Christmas to make even the crabbiest Scrooge believe in magic. And it is going to be magic that brings Santa Clause to a number of theatres and stages again this year. Children, along with their parents and grandparents will gather by the hundreds to get their tickets to see this season’s finest appearance of that magical old elf.image1210

Helping Santa make his appearance is magician Dal Sanders, who with his talented cast will produce tiny Christmas trees and decorations out of thin air to thrill his audience. They will laugh and cheer as they think they have “figured out how two of Santa’s helpers are changing places. A somewhat out of season bunny will even join in the fun. Finally, Sanders will say the magic words, with the help of his audience of anxious children, and Santa himself will materialize from a tiny sleigh.

The Magic of Christmas is another classic in the works of award winning magician Dal Sanders. This show is going on it’s twentieth season of entertaining people, both young and old. All of the magic in the show is based on the holiday season and involves music, audience participation and fun. The success and acceptance of this show can not even be put into words as countless people nationwide have been delighted with the excitement and holiday spirit this show creates.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]