Dal-isms (quotes by Dal) and Quotes about Dal!


My job is to make people laugh and say WOW!Dal Sanders

I’m Dal Sanders from Dallas Texas and before you ask, No, I did not change my name to Dal simply because I’m from Dallas. The fact is, they named Dallas after me. This is the second time I’ve lived there and the first time they called it Dal, Texas. Then I moved away and they were Dalless” and well, you know how they talk in Texas.Dal Sanders

There are just two rules in magic…
1. It’s a sin to bore a kid.
2. It’s bad business to bore the adults.Dal Sanders

This is a show that features high-tech prestidigitation and other shenanigans of illusion. The energy in the room is amazing as the audience participates and becomes part of the show. Dal Sanders and his ensemble have perfected their ability to please the audience with incredible magic, laughter and fun. The show is genuinely family-friendly and loaded with bold choreography, captivating music, and extraordinary talent.”Marv Read, The Pueblo Chieftain

Who’s running hell when you’re here with me?Dal Sanders

There is only one thing better than a cookie… TWO cookies, one for each hand.Dal Sanders

Dal Sanders combines amazing illusions with an impeccable comic timing that infuses laughter and energy into every show. There’s music, split second choreography, side-splitting comedy and grand-style illusions that will have you scratching your head, wondering how he did that.Cathalena E. Burch, The Arizona Daily Star

In this room filled with magicians I met only one person who actually looks like a magician. He not only looks like a magician, he carries himself like a star and even though I had never met him before, the minute I saw him I knew he was a magician. That person is Dal Sanders.Jeff McBride, Star of NBC’s World’s Greatest Magic and ABC’s Champions of Magic

Unbelievable! Dom DeLouise, Actor, Author, Chef, Comic, Magician

You are a true professional who delivers an outstanding quality show.Ann Kelsch, Contemporary Group, St Louis, MO

This ‘general practicioner of magic’ performs a variety of stage, comedy and close up magic. He pulls volunteers from the audience and uses them to create the illusion of amputation and levitation… His dream is to have a theater that he and his troupe could hall ‘home’. It would be a regular location that audences could go to enjoy a full evening magic show, in three acts on a real stage.Nancy Moore, Dallas Morning News

The Best! This year try an afternoon of Magic!Beverly Bundy, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Please hire Dal Sanders.Cinde Sanders, Wife

“…………………….!”Teller, of Penn & Teller











 They were so confused, they were lookin’ at me like a hog staring at a wristwatch.Dal Sanders

Dal Sanders’ skill as a Magician is matched only by his incredible rapport with his audience.John Andrew Prime, The Shreveport Times

When someone uses one of Dal’s jokes or one of his Dalisms he tells them, “You need to footnote that”.Dal Sanders

In comedy, you can never have too many women in the audience shouting WOO-HOO!Dal Sanders

I can’t tell you how daunting filming this television special would have been without a trusted friend doing what you did. I’m really glad you were there, and you did a fantastic job. Thank you.”Jeff Thorsen, Producer, Levity Productions

The more I’m in this business the more I realize you can’t ever do anything of quality without dedicated and talented people behind you and you my friend are overflowing with both. Truly an amazing addition to “Mitch Fatel is Magical”… And as soon as “Candycane” is revealed to the world…people will laugh and say WOW : ) Mitch Fatel, Comic, Comedy Central

Thank you for your help on the tourist council meeting. We heard many good comments about your performance. Many said this was the best yet. Your magic was fantastic and everyone enjoyed the Jessie James routine.”Jackie Williams, Creative Productions, Inc., Houston, TX